Alon MedTech Ventures signed a cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University

The Alon MedTech Ventures incubator, established by chairman Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and CEO and CTO Dr. Judith Zilberstein, is signing a cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University, considered one of China's leading universities. This is the first cooperation agreement of its kind between an Israeli technology incubator and a Chinese entity. The agreement is Tsinghua University's second in Israel, after it signed an agreement with Tel Aviv University in 2013 to establish a joint center in China for Israeli and Chinese researchers, called the XIN Research Center.

Under the agreement, the Alon MedTech incubator will scan projects from the XIN Research Center, and select several of them for further development in the incubator. The products to be developed by these companies will probably be adapted to the Chinese market and be prepared for marketing in China at the accelerator jointly owned by Alon MedTech and the XIN Center, and will opened nearby the latter. The final model has not yet been settled, and any format signed will require prior approval from the Ministry of Economy and Industry Chief Scientist for sending technologies developed with his support overseas. At the same time, parties at Tsinghua University will help companies in the Alon MedTech incubator find both investors and marketing channels for their medical device products.

Zilberstein said, "Many Tsinghua University graduates serve in key positions in the Chinese government and economy. The University and the XIN Center have done good work in assembling this network of connections for their benefit, and we expect it to also work for companies founded in cooperation with Alon MedTech."