Cherry Imaging won 1st prize at the IMCAS Innovation Shark Tank in Paris

Cherry presented its cutting edge technology at the IMCAS Innovation Shark Tank that was held in Paris on February. The forum gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their innovations and present to a unique audience made of industry leaders, venture-capitalists and physician Key Opinion Leaders. Cherry™ presented alongside 15 innovative startups in the medical space and awarded the 1st prize winner of IMCAS Innovation 2019.

The technology brings scientific data measurements to the hands of physicians for accurate, objective, and traceable aesthetic and medical treatments on both face and body. The platform combines a powerful, easy-to-use skin morphology model scanner with an innovative Trace™️ proprietary software that together can objectively measure changes in the skin – from scars, fillers and botox, to body shaping, cellulite treatments, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation.

 Cherry’s lightweight, handheld scanner captures thousands of three-dimensional images from multiple field views and multiple angles, all within a single, one-click scan. The images can be captured from wherever the doctor is with the patient — no lighting adjustments or angling necessary. The software then analyzes the data, providing the doctor with accurate feedback for comparable analyses over time.

 The company plans to expand the applications to additional dermatological conditions including clinical dermatology. In the near future, the company will release the new version of Trace™️- Trace Everywhere – which will enable access from any location and platform, such as any iPad or smart phone.


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