"Click Chemistry" Concept Inspires BiOLinkMatrix by HALLURA™: the Next Generation of HA Dermal Fillers

Harnessing the 2022 Nobel Prize Awarded Click Chemistry Concept, Hallura's Products Revolutionize the Way Hyaluronic Acid is Crosslinked in Dermal Fillers

Hallura Ltd., an Israeli aesthetic medical company, announced today that its proprietary technology named the BiOLinkMatrix platform was inspired by the 2022 Nobel Prize for Click Chemistry. Harnessing this concept, Hallura's products revolutionize the way Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is cross-linked in dermal fillers for great elasticity and tolerance while being biodegradable and highly safe.

Hallura harnessed this advanced concept in its proprietary BiOLinkMatrix platform to revolutionize the way HA is crosslinked in Dermal Fillers. Typical HA dermal fillers are cross-linked via the chemical BDDE, or other epoxides, activated under harsh conditions with very little control over concurrent damage to the HA polymer.

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