Healium Medical’s CEO Ran Sela, was invited to present at the RESI Innovation Challenge

Healium Medical, a portfolio company of the Alon MedTech Ventures, was chosen as one of thirty finalists to present at the RESI Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge finalists span from therapeutics to medical devices to diagnostics and digital health. The Innovation Challenge is designed to allow the finalists a chance to showcase their technology to the investors and strategic partners attending RESI. Healium is developing the world’s first stand-alone, non-contact guided ultrasound ablation for pulmonary vein isolation with integrated lesion monitoring capabilities. The company’s solution consists of an over-the-wire catheter with a propriatery ultrasound transducer positioned within the pulmonary vein ostium for rapid, non-contact circumfrential ablation with real-time lesion feedback capabilities. Procedure progress and lesion data will be displayed on an overhead screen to aid physicians in monitoring the success of the therapy being delivered.